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Wednesday, 12 June 2019


My heart aches from the thoughts that I can not change the fact that you’re gone. It bleeds for the fact that you’ll never see me get married, never see my children, never see me train for my dream job. It aches for the fact that my nephews won’t meet you properly. My heart is just a ball of sadness. Same feelings everyday. I’m numb. I want to wake up from this nightmare. But it’s not a nightmare. Its reality but that’s the thing that makes it such a nightmare feelings. It will go away though. I have aspirations. I have dreams that I want to chase. I am going to change the way I feel not only for you but for everyone around me. If it takes me weeks, months or even years, I’ll get there because even if you’re gone you’re always there with me and I know that. I love you forever.

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