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Friday, 17 May 2019

100 Self Care Ideas

1. Have a bath
2. Binge watch your favourite tv series
3. Do a face mask
4. Watch your favourite film
5. Turn your phone off for a period of time
6. Do some painting
7. Write down all your thoughts in a journal
8. Watch a funny video on YouTube
9. Bake something
10. Clean your house
11. Declutter your room
12. Write yourself a to-do list
13. Take a walk somewhere peaceful
14. Take a nap
15. Declutter your wardrobe
16. Read a good book
17. Try guided meditation
18. Write down 10 things that make you happy
19. Write down 3 things you’re grateful for
20. Watch a tv programme you loved as a kid
21. Unfollow negative people from social media
22. Play a board game
23. Write down 10 positive affirmations
24. Create a music playlist of all the songs that make u happy
25. Get a hot stone massage
26. Wear your pjs all day
27. Have a spa day with your girl friends
28. Get your haircut
29. Get your nails done
30. Get your makeup done professionally
31. Retail therapy
32. Go on a road trip
33. Walk along the beach
34. Don’t feel bad for saying no
35. Spend some time around animals
36. Have a no screens night
37. Have a social media detox
38. Visit a art gallery
39. Plant some flowers
40. Wear your favourite perfume
41. Meditate through one of those apps
42. Visit a forest
43. Plan a weekend away with your friends
44. Organise your work space
45. Have a candle lit dinner
46. Go on a date (with yourself)
47. Buy yourself a treat
48. Create a playlist of relaxing music
49. Put your feet up for the evening
50. Pop some bubble wrap
51. Try some yoga
52. Buy yourself some flowers
53. Try guided breathing exercises
54. Try something new
55. Join an evening class
56. Try an online course
57. Male a gift for a friend
58. Tell someone you love them
59. Drink a warm beverage
60. Go to a book shop
61. Do your skincare routine
62. Buy some new slippers
63. Buy some new pillows
64. Sell some items online
65. Drink a green smoothie
66. Give yourself a pep talk in front of a mirror
67. Listen to a motivational podcast
68. Go to bed early
69. Have a good night’s sleep
70. Organise a party
71. Smile at a stranger
72. Listen to old school songs that make you happy
73. Exercise
74. Clean your email inbox of junk mail
75. Write in a diary
76. Watch some live comedy/poetry
77. Sleep in
78. Doodle or draw
79. Eat some ice cream
80. Cut off the toxic people
81. Drink plenty of water
82. Have a cheat day
83. Watch the clouds
84. Star gaze
85. Laugh more
86. Smile more
87. Go sugar free for a week
88. Go gluten free for a week
89. Write a open letter to your future self
90. Cry it out if u need too
91. Try and walk 10,000 steps
92. Learn a new language
93. Develop a new skill
94. Develop a skill you have more
95. Talk to someone new
96. Reconnect with someone
97. Have a healthy breakfast
98. Light a candle
99. Go on a date
100. Write down 10 things u love bout yourself


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