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Tuesday, 14 May 2019

7 Types Of Negativity To Kill

1. Perfectionism
The best thing you can do is remember no one is perfect, everyone has flaws and things people may not like about the person, learn to embrace these imperfections because to the right person you are perfect and it doesn't matter what other people think, you are your own person, beautiful and strong.

2. Judgement over yourself and others
There's always going to be someone who's prettier, smarter and doing better than you, don't let that bring you down, you do things at your own pace, however and whenever you want, ignore everyone else, don't ever judge yourself or compare yourself to other people.

3. Self doubt
Self-doubt is a horrible feeling, I get it, but it doesn't help anyone, believe in yourself and I promise everyone else around you will too.

4. Assuming the worst will happen
If you always assume the worst is going to happen, it's more likely to happen, removes those feelings, easier said than done i know, but it will be better in the long run, always have a positive thinking about situations even if it doesn't happen that way.

5. Worry
You will be surprised how much your mentality improves when you stop worrying about things that aren't worth worrying about.

6. Complaining
Do not focus or complain about the things you don't have in life, only focus on the good, because you really don't know what you've got until it's gone.

7. Trying to control everything
You simply cannot control everything that happens to you, you can control many things, but you've got to learn and except that some things can't be controlled and there's nothing you can do.


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