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Thursday, 9 May 2019

How To Name Your Business

The whole point of a business is to try and make it stand out so that people are interested in your products or services, if there’s someone who does the same thing as you, make your business stand out by choosing a catchy name.

Don’t make the name too long or else it won’t seem as catchy as all the other businesses that pretty much do the same thing.

Make it memorable so that people remember it if they want to recommend it their friends and family.

Make it pronounceable so that people over the world can pronounce it. If its not they might not be able to spell it and that defeats the object.

The name should be descriptive and straight to the point, don’t confuse your audience by choosing something that’s completely irrelevant to your actual business.

You can also use name generators by typing in  the keywords of what your business is and then generating names based on the keywords;


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