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Wednesday, 1 May 2019

I love...skins (the programme)

I love Skins, so here's why..

Skins is a tv programme based in Bristol. It's about a group of girls and boys who are in the Sixth Form, it explores situations to do with drugs, heartbreak, love, pregnancy, alcoholism, depression and other mental health illnesses and situations.

I love the characters and how their characters are dealing with certain situations, for example Emily and Naomi and how they deal with their sexuality, how Emily deals with her sister finding it difficult to cope with especially as it nearly tears them apart, it is a good way to present it, Emily and Katie are twins so Katie thought that Emily would be like her as long as they live, but Emily is gay but was always worried about what her sister was going to think.

They also portray mental health illnesses like depression and autism the right way, as in Effy gets sent to a mental health hospital after trying to commit suicide, they show the signs and symptoms correctly and they show that you could be seen as completely “normal”  but really be struggling on the inside, besides, depression isn’t about being sad, it’s a chemical imbalance, think about celebrities that have committed suicide, Robin Williams, they all seemed happy but behind closed doors they weren’t, just shows you don’t really know how someone is feeling.

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