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Monday, 20 May 2019

Modern dating...and dating apps...

Speaking as someone who has hardly any proper experience about dating and relationships, I don’t know if I will have any idea what I’m talking about but I can always do that thing of trying.
Relationships can be hard to deal with, you can argue a lot or you can go the whole relationship without arguing at all. Finding someone you want to share your life with can be difficult, but what better way to do it through a dating app, I mean what’s better than random men adding you on Snapchat wishing to get what they want from you. I was always a bit spetitical when it comes to dating and relationships through dating apps like Badoo or Tinder, I have gone through so many times where I’m like, oh yeah he’s the one, or he’s the one, just wishing for it to last, but they never do last.

There is also that thing of what do you talk about? What is there to talk about? Do we talk about sex, or is that too forward, do we talk about life and what we do? Or is that too personal. I always get stuck on what to say, so I just awkwardly wait for the conversations to start. As for talking on another platform, because let’s face it not many people like others seeing tinder flash up on their phone given their reputation, do you go for facebook messenger or snapchat. I don’t get why people only want to talk on snapchat, my experience is that means they aren’t really interested in you, just what you have to show.

I just don’t get the point in talking to someone for a long time, getting to know them and then leaving them for no reason and so randomly and out of the blue, what goes through their minds when they do that, I do not know.

But then there’s the complication if they live too far away, and you think awh maybe this guy could be great, he’s funny, smart, and we get along well, but would it be worth all those train journeys down to see them and vice versa, will it be all worth it in the end. I would never want to waste anyone’s time or give them the wrong intentions, I would never want to lead someone or make them think something that it’s not. But I think you should never chuck away something that could be great.

What are the chances on apps like Tinder that you’re going to meet someone who’s nice and clever and charming again? You should always do what you think is right and think how you feel, make your intentions clear because then they know whether to or not to carry on talking to you or if it would just be a waste of time.

It’s great when you find someone with those qualities and I just feel like it’s becoming increasingly difficult because people never make their intentions clear and what exactly they want, only maybe when you get too into talking to them and then that becomes complicated. Talking about sex with someone should never be something you should be scared of because it’s just sex, so what if you go too into detail, that’s all that it should be, a plain conversation, a great conversation though at that.

A guy I found recently totally gets me and what I’m about, we have great conversations, he’s not all about sex which is what I like about this guy. He’s charming and sophisticated, all around great, he’s possibly the best person I found via Tinder, and even though I’ve tried other apps I’ve always gone towards Tinder the most. He’s mature and knows what it’s all about, he’s cute but he has that side to him which makes him not intimated.

When is the right time to meet up with someone from your dating apps? Personally, I don’t think it should be straight away, at most a couple of weeks, if you’re still talking to one another still by then, you never know with people on tinder. You should arrange to meet in a public place, because then you know his intentions with you aren’t just sex. Go for a coffee have a chat, if you wanted to go back to their house to have wild sex then go ahead but all I am saying is be careful and make sure you make your intentions clear!

Relationships that are from talking on dating apps can be great, but you should always be careful about what you make clear about your intentions, always make them clear and precise, I mean do what you want with whoever you want, but there’s always that confusion of emotional attachment so you’re always going to have to be careful about what you say and how you say it.
I’m far from an expert when it comes to love and relationships, trust me with that, but this is just all what I think.


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