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Thursday, 2 May 2019

Stock Photos To Revamp Your Blog

Do you ever sit and wonder how people create beautiful and amazing stock photos and you wan to vamp your blog up a bit by having the same sorts of photos on your blog, well you can! There are several free stock photos websites that provide you with the ability to use them on your social media or blog, here are some that I have found and that actually feature on my blog.

  • Ivory Mix
Ivory Mix is a great stock photos website because they have a wide range of colours and niches available for you to choose from. As well as having 300+ free stock photos, that are sent to your email once you filled in the form, they have given you the option to sign up for $20 every two months to use their photos as many times as you like on your blog, website or social media. I really like Ivory Mix and how they have such a variety of photos available. It is great if you want to jazz up your blog a bit but don’t have the resources or skills to do such thing. you can use their photos on your social media or blog, whether you pay $20 every two months or not, and paying gives you unlimted access to all the photos available giving you endless choices on which ones to use. Check out the website here.

  • Wonderlass
Wonderlass gives you 15 free stock photos to use on your social media and blog. These photos are beautiful and you should definitely consider using them on your blog and social media. Although there’s only 15, you got to remember that they are infact free, so take this opportunity and use them! You can check out the website here.

  • StyledStock Society
Another website like IvoryMix is StyledStock Society, I won’t repeat what I put above but these photos are in a wide range of niches and colours, as well as becoming a member starting from $69 every three months, (effectively $23 a month), you can get free images sent to your inbox every month, when using these images, always remember to credit the website or mention their instagram in your posts. You can check out the website here.

  • HauteStock
With HauteStock, much like IvoryMix and StyledStock Society, you get free images but there’s also a membership you can pay for, this one a little more expensive at $99 ($33 a month) but if you opt for the free samples you get a few to your inbox every month, what’s not to like about that? You can check out the website here

  • Rekita Nicole
Rekita is actually a blogger but offers free stock photos on her blog, you don’t have to put in your email address or anything like that, you simply just right click on the photo and save it. It is really simple to do, I have used a couple of Rekita’s photos in the past and they’ve really helped make my blog look nice! You can check out the website here

I hope this will help you in one way or the other finding free stock photos websites for your brand, blog and social medias. There are obviously a lot more out there and I am sure if you just google it you will find tonnes more, it just goes to show that you don’t have to pay masses amounts of money and you can just find free stock photos websites, and it will always say in their terms-of-use what you can and can’t use their photos for, so if you’re ever not sure just check out those pages on the websites.

Here are a few blog posts if you do want to create stock images of your own but don’t know where to start;


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