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Thursday, 16 May 2019

Tips For New Bloggers

I wish there were tips like this for me because I had to learn all this by myself but that's alright.

Set up your social medias...
Twitter and Instagram are the main ones that I would recommend to set up first, Twitter I find is the best for social interaction. Instagram is a bit tricky with that and the algorithm is rubbish!

Write down blog post ideas...
I am foreverrrrr forgetting what blog posts I want to write so now I keep a small notebook and pen in my bag so whenever I think of something I can just write it down, it is easy just to forget what you want to write about especially if you have a brain wave late at night like I do.

Don't compare yourself to others...
It is so easy to do this! I have done this before and if you see someone with better stats than you it can be hard to not compare that you haven't got as high stats as someone else. Do it your way and whatever your way is, it's perfectly fine!

Take your time with writing blog posts...
It takes a longgg time to perfect blog posts and it is okay if it takes a few days to complete a blog post, I think most people like to know there is effort within the blog posts and rushing it isn't always the best thing to do, take your time with it, and even ask your friends to proof read it just to see if everything makes sense and your grammar is okay, if you're not the best with it.

These are just my tips for new bloggers, I hope you found it a useful read!

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