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Friday, 28 June 2019

25 Reasons To Stay Alive

There are so many beautiful reasons to stay alive; here are 25 of those reasons though I am sure, there's so many more reasons, even on your darkest of days, there's so many reasons to stay strong and carry on.

  1. To see a sunset
  2. Because you matter
  3. To listen to your favourite music
  4. To kiss someone like you mean it
  5. To experience a concert and sing at the top of your lungs
  6. So you can look in the mirror and think "wow I'm beautiful"
  7. Because you deserve to celebrate another birthday
  8. So you can smell the earth after a rainstorm
  9. To bake cookies with your friends
  10. So you can hug and be hugged
  11. To smell the blissful aromas of your favorite foods
  12. Because life itself is beautiful
  13. So you can overcome obstacles you never dreamed you would be able to tackle
  14. To stargaze and have nothing on your mind except the twinkling lights
  15. To fall in love
  16. To have a good cry and feel worlds better afterwards
  17. To laugh so hard that you can't breathe
  18. For your parents
  19. Because this world is beautiful, and you're a part of it for a reason
  20. your chest and you can't control the size of your grin
  21. To feel the squish of wet sand between your toes
  22. In order to explore the world
  23. To smell sweet, freshly-cut grass
  24. To see a full moon and wonder if there's other life out there somewhere
  25. To stay happy

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