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Friday, 21 June 2019

8 Things Shared By People With Much Life Experience

1. If you are unsatisfied with your situation, focus on the facts. you can either do something about it or accept it
You can change a situation if you really want too, only you are in charge of that.

2. Starting is the hardest point, be even if you fail you'll grow from just from trying
Once you start something, it does get easier, the hardest is starting because of failure and you don't want that to happen.

3. Judge people based on your interactions with them, not or what other people say
Learn about people from THEM rather than what YOU hear from OTHER people, some have different perceptions from what the person is ACTUALLY like.

4. Take responsibility for your mistakes. it's hard but people will respect you for being mature and honest.
If you own up to your mistakes, no matter how rubbish they may be, people will respect you because you're taking responsibility, as an adult that's one of the things you'll have to just suck up and do, no matter if you don't like it or if you do.

5. When you want something, don't settle for mediocrity, give it your all.
Do not just settle for the minimum, give everything your all and you're most likely going to get the same back, people will give you their best shot, if you do the same for them.

6. Obsessing over the past is the worst way to waste your time
Do not just obsess over something you can't change, the past is the past and it's the past for a reason, if you can't change it, then just forget about it, learn from your mistakes and make your future an even better place to look forward too.

7. Try to fix the problem before being pissed off at yourself, sometimes it's easy mistake and you won't have to kick yourself for making the mistake
8. make conversation with whoever you can and whenever you can. you can meet interesting people

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