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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Funny Random Questions Tag

  1. Wet your bed? When I was younger?!
  2. Beer or wine? None, cider
  3. Are you drunk? No, not at all
  4. Feeling sleepy? A bit
  5. Are you a flirt? It's a no from me ;)
  6. Talk to animals? Only dogs
  7. Are you hungry 24/7? Deffooo
  8. Do you cry in public? Not really
  9. Are you always happy? Not always
  10. Do you have a stalker? No idea, might do
  11. Can you fart in public? I could, but I don't
  12. Ever peed in the woods? Never
  13. Are you always impatient? Yeah hahaha
  14. Do you cry in sad movies? Allll the time
  15. Would you marry a celebrity? Ed Sheeran1!!!
  16. Are you a drama queen or king? Sometimes!!
  17. Do you dance or sing in the car? Yessss
  18. Ever stolen a street sign before? No, that's random
  19. Do you sing or dance in the shower? Alwaysss
  20. Have you ever forgotten your birthday? Neverr it's the same as my sisters

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