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Friday, 14 June 2019

Harsh Life Lessons People Learn In Their 20's

1. Life doesn't get easier - you may, go through things that you wouldn't wish on your worst enimies - the point is just get through them - surround yourself with people who care about you and the situation will get a lot easier - even if life doesn't

2. Self love is always the most important thing - while you might like looking after others, it's just as important to look after yourself too - take some time out - remember this is okay, it's important to have self-care within your daily or weekly routine.

3. You might not figure everything out and it's okay - You may never figure everything out in life out, you may find that it takes longer to figure some things out than it does for others, that too is okay, life isn't a race, it's okay to pace yourself.

4. Relationships can be fragile but you'll learn how to choose better people - You may have a lot of relationships in your life before you finally find "the one". Try not to get too attached too quickly, because that's how your feelings can get hurt, learn that it's okay to have relationship after relationship, after all, that's how you learn right from wrong isn't it?

5. It's okay not to settle down so easily and early. The better is waiting for you - You may see your friends and everyone around you with a loving family, relationship and children, but life isn't all about that, take time to focus on yourself, find something you love to do, do that, when you settle down is up to you, not just because everyone else around you is doing that.


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