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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

How to fit into this society

It’s often asked whether or not you can fit into this society by just being yourself, and I mean, can you? To be honest, people do things that help them fit into the society, this society and in my opinion it’s all a bit hit and miss. Sometimes people get into the wrong crowds but then they try so hard to fit into those crowds that they get into all sorts of trouble and that’s not good for anyone.

This question “how do you fit into this society” is a tricky one because you be yourself, you get judged, you do things that you wouldn’t normally do trying to fit into society because let’s face it, nobody likes someone who doesn’t fit in or even who doesn’t try.

Having said that, there’s things that you can do to help you fit into society and help you feel less of an outcast, if I may say that.

Follow all the fashion trends
You know the magazine Cosmopolitan always has articles on the latest beauty and fashion trends, some of them even so ludicrous and ridiculous that you know you’d never follow in a million years, yet you do because you know this will help you fit in and have topics of conversations to people you meet.

When you’re round other people, do exactly what they do as well.
Okay, I get it, this one is a bit controversial, meaning that you shouldn’t ALWAYS do what your peers are doing, meaning you shouldn’t give in to peer pressure but nobody really likes someone who doesn’t follow everyone else and does whatever they want to do, you’ll always be called names if you don’t follow the crowds and if you get mixed into with the wrong crowds it can be hard to just say no and not follow everyone else.

You can not do what you want to do you have to do what society wants you to do, especially round certain ages, like 16 and losing your virginity or 18 and having an alcoholic drink, it’s almost as if you can’t take your time in this world because there’s always just going to be someone there judging you for doing things your way and at your own pace, if you do not feel comfortable doing things at a certain age then it’s obvious just because you’re scared or too chicken to do it.

With all this being said, I think it’s important for you to find your own path and your own ways of doing things in this world, take control of your own actions, learn to say NO and you never have to apologize for saying no and not doing what other want you to do, follow your heart, do what YOU want to do, at your own pace, don’t do something just because you see your peers doing it and you don’t want to be the odd one out, pace and taking your time is just as important as if you want to rush and do things at a fast pace.

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