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Tuesday, 11 June 2019

How To Really Achieve Your Goals

1. Make sure your goals are specific
There's literally no point in trying to follow goals that aren't specific for example "new followers on twitter" is no good because that means you're always going to achieve those goals, you need one that are like "500 new followers on twitter", gives a specific number of how many more you want, even add a date to achieve it by.

2. Make sure your goals are measurable
Make sure you choose goals that are measureable, much like the first point, not being specific isn't any good, you need to make goals that are measureable for example a certain amount more followers by a certain date.

3. Identify the obstacles and think of the solutions before kick-starting
Identify problems and challenges that make get in the way of you achieving your goals, for example if it's new followers, you have the problem of the follow / unfollow game, to avoid this, make sure you only follow people who are of interest to you, post about relivant topics to do with your followers, for example if you are a book blogger, don't go posting about how much you love the Kardashians because although you might love them, it's not relevant to your followers, so they may just end up unfollowing you

4. Have a strategic plan
This is similar to point 5, make sure you have achievable goals, don't think of something ludicrous, I know there's always that thing where you can achieve it if you can dream it, but there's a line you cross. Make sure you have a plan of when  to achieve your goals by, make it realistic too. There's no point in wanting 500 new followers in 2 weeks because that's unlikely to happen unless you're really famous.

5. Break it down into small ones
Say if you wanted 400 new followers by the same date next month, that means it's 100 new followers every week and approximately 14 new followers everyday, give or take, this makes it easier to achieve.

6. Review your progress regularly and make turnings accordingly
Be proud of your progress, even if it's slow, slow progress is still progress, if you're not near your goal and the deadline is approaching, make tweaks, that's okay to do that, change it according to what you believe you can do.

7. Mark down every tiny achievement along the way
Tiny achievements are great to celebrate, for example, you might have had a large number of followers one day that you weren't expecting, that deserves a cake, don't you think? Small achievements, whatever they are always worth celebrated for.

8. Share your goals with someone else
Even share your goals with your social media followings, this might make your goals easier to reach because let's face it, the blogging community is the best when helping people achieve their goals, i love the blogging community all together but people really do put their feet out to help people and make them happy.

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