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Thursday, 20 June 2019

Social Media & Self Care

It's important to take break from social media now and again because everyone knows just how over-whelming social media can be, from all the news articles to finding out something you didn't want to know. You have to detox and give yourself some space apart from it, the world is such a scary place sometime and you may become over-whelmed by the news and current events going on in the world, you may find yourself thinking about your future, and the bad things that you've seen on your news feed. Don't forget to look after yourself, keep away from social media for a few days, go out, do some painting, feel free to do anything than stare at a screen because that itself can have long-term affects on your health. Self care is so important and of course that means having a social media detox, taking time out for yourself for a few hours a day, after all your friends aren't going to stop being your friends if you don't reply for a few hours and it is not in anyway selfish, so just remember that!

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