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Friday, 7 June 2019

What Is Love?

Sometimes, it's difficult to explain how much you really like a person, how much they just take you to some place no one has ever done before, how they make your soul and heart happy, how they just light up your whole world with whatever they do, they are your whole world and beyond. It is difficult to explain to someone who doesn't truly know how someone makes you feel; they take away all the bad stresses in your life, turn them around and make them positive.

You end up wanting to spend a long time with this person, sharing everything about your life, your hopes, your dreams, your favourite or least favourite things to do, what makes you angry, what makes you sad and everything in-between, you want to get to know them like no one else has known you before.

You want to be their little ray of sunshine that’ll lift them up when they’re having a bad day and make them feel on top of the world again, you want to show them off to the world, make them feel so happy that they never have to think about the experiences they’ve been through that made them feel like they never could be again.

I just know that this feeling is such an amazing feeling, it feels your heart with so much joy, and people can’t understand what another person defines as “love” it’s different for everyone. I just know that love has endless possibilities and meaning, it can take a long time to fall in love, sometimes slower, sometimes faster, you fall in love with someone and the way they take you to another place, a different place, a good place. You fall in love with someone for the way they are themselves or the way their personality shines through their eyes. Who cares about looks, if you like someone the personality shows it, you fall in love with someone for their personality and the way they make you feel.

Some people don’t understand why some people fall in love with the people they do, but the truth is, you can’t control it, it just happens, sometimes it’s unexpected and sometimes you just know it’s going to happen.

Love for me means being able to be completely myself without needing to be careful about what I say because it’s stupid or the wrong thing. It means taking care about the person I love, helping them in any way possible, it means helping them to enjoy their life and making sure they’re as happy as they can be. Love means taking something imperfect and making it perfect, in your eyes. It means butterflies, it means actually zoos in your stomach, it means smiles, it means happiness. Love is complicated and sometimes unexplainable and sometimes you just really can’t explain your affections for someone, it just is what it is. It means being happy even when you don’t want to be, it means they take you to a place, somewhere where you feel on top of the world where nothing bad can get to you.

It means sharing your dreams, hopes, ambitions without sounding so crazy of the idea that you may want to be an astronaut, it means being able to get through anything, in sickness and in health, which is not just for wedding vows. A lot of bad things can happen during a relationship admittedly, but the point is, you get through anything that may come your way, together as a team, not just by yourself, that isn’t what love is.

A lot of people are scared of love, scared of falling in love, falling too deep, falling too quick, but you can’t, you have to live in the moment, fall in love when you fall in love, there’s no right time, well some people may disagree with that but it happens when it happens, people fall in love in the most mysterious ways and sometimes it really is unexplainable.

Love is confusing, it’s complicated, I grant you but it’s also one of the most amazing feelings in the world and I believe that everyone should experience it; everyone has someone that they could share their life with, and everyone has their soul mate, patience in finding the right person is a virtue but you’d know when you’ve found them.

Love is not perfect, it is not meant to be, you may disagree on a lot of things, fall out over the silly things, not know what you’re doing some of the time but that is totally okay, everyone feels like that, love isn’t meant to be all hearts and flowers and all those nice things, sometimes it’s fights, sometimes it’s fallings out, but love, with love you get through all of that, you have to be mature enough to do that because true love is confusing, sometimes you may feel like you don’t know what you’re doing but that’s okay.

Good love is amazing and everyone should experience, good love makes you feel happy, good love makes you feel alive and free, good love is having the choice to do something, good love is being in their arms, feeling like you’re as safe as can be, it’s talking to them and not caring about what stupid things come out of your mouth just because they might say something that’s just as stupid and ridiculous, it’s going to your favourite places together, experiencing things, going places together.

I don’t think there’s ever a solid definition for what love is, for everyone it’s different, for everyone different elements of what it is piece together to create their perfect definition, everyone has their idea of what it is and that’s totally okay.

Love is never meant to be easy, it’s so hard sometimes, but having someone to experience life with is important and everyone needs that to feel complete, you don’t have to have someone in the “soul mate” sense sometimes it’s that one friend you love more than anything and you can’t live in a world without them.

Someone you met a few months ago can light up your world more than someone who you’ve known for a longer time than that, they can give you so much of a better life than someone you’ve been with for more than two years, and they can just make you think that good love exist, that good people exist, that you could share your life with them and it wouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

Everyone deserves to have someone special in their life and I believe that there is that special someone out there for everyone, this life is beautiful, you deserve to be happy and you truly deserve to have that kind of happiness with someone else to share it with.


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