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Friday, 7 June 2019

What To Remember If You Want Lasting Love

1 - No one is perfect
Inevitable, but not obvious to some, people will make mistake, learn to forgive

2 - Never try to change a person
People are the way they are for a reason, they like the things they like for a reason, don't try to change them because chances are they won't want change

3 - Be with someone you don't need to impress
The best is being with someone you can be total comfortable with, yourself, you don't have to impress someone if they really like you
, they'll take you how you are

4. Be clear if it's love, or you're just lonely
Make your intentions, what you want and what you don't want totally clear to avoid any confusion over what they want or don't want, this will also avoid you getting too attached too quickly if they don't feel the same way as quick

5. Be with someone who can accept your shortcomings
Accept them, accept their flaws, as said in point 1, no one is perfect, people have imperfections, learn to love those little imperfections too.

6. Be with someone who motivates you but not discourage you
You need words of encouragement with what you do, this will help you move forward, achieve greater things because there's someone there that believes you can do such things.

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