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Thursday, 20 June 2019

Why Is Promotion So Important?

Realistically, it doesn't matter how good a product is, without promotion or word-of-mouth, no one would even know about the product, it is important to share your products on the different social media platforms and not just stick to one because you might have a different amount of followers on each of the platforms, targetting different audiences.

Without promotion, customers simply wouldn't know about the product. A business can make and design the best product with the best target audiences but without promotion it wouldn't sell or even get anywhere because no one would even know it exists.

Promotion is a vital acivity for all businesses. Effective promotional activity allows a business to stay ahead of competition. Businesses benefit from promotional activity by creating awareness of their brand. This should lead to increased sales and profits. Promotion is one of the four elements of of the marketing mix.


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