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Thursday, 19 September 2019

What Knowledge And Skills Do Sales People Need?

Product knowledge Sales staff must know enough about a product and how it works to match the customer with the appropriate product. Sales staff should know the following:

• Stock availability – what is normally available and when out-of-stock items will become available
• Price information – the prices of the products and how these compare with other available products
• Store information – location of products in the shop and the delivery/collection arrangements
• Product care – how to look after the product and what after-sales service is available such as warranties, servicing and repair
• Key information – how to demonstrate how the product works. The main features, uses and what variations in colour, size etc. are available.

Sales motivation
Motivation is the driving force that enables people to achieve their goals. Successful sales staff are highly motivated individuals who are eager to make a sale. They are often seen using inventive techniques such as cross-selling and up-selling to increase sales.
Motivated sales staff are ambitious, hard-working and enthusiastic people who set themselves high targets. They appear to be passionate about the product they are selling, and their desire to succeed motivates them to try hard to match their products to their customer’s needs.

Understanding potential customers
Being able to identify potential customers and understand their requirements is vital to being able to recommend the right product to the customer. This also helps sales staff to communicate with customers appropriately. Some people are naturally more intuitive and have better interpersonal skills, but salespeople who carefully listen and ask the right questions can learn more about the potential customer.


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