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So, what can I say about myself? Basically I am the most undecisive person in the entire world, I have lost count over the times I've changed my blog because I haven't liked it, I tried WordPress for a while but just decided that's not for me! I've wanted to change my theme so many times but I haven't been able too without upgrading the WordPress plan, which really I couldn't do until early next year!  can make my blog look professional from Blogger and it's actually my preferred platform, which I've used for nearly two years! My blog name which is "With Love Ali" isn't going to change because I really like that as a blog name!

I am obsessed with Ed Sheeran, he is a bundle of joooooy!

This is my little space on the inter-webs, I hope you enjoy it! And yes, now my blog is back on blogger I am likely to stick to this in the near future, I liked WordPress and some of the features, but I just felt like it wasn't working for me, and you can't write something if you're not happy with it!

- ed sheeran
- blogging
- music
- going tout with my friends
- relaxing

- olives
- horrible people
- liars
- cheaters
- rock music

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